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— Date: 2013
— Client: Digimind Inc.

What we did

— Interface Design
— Graphic design
— HTML, CSS Coding
— Complete solution
— Web design

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What client said?

We are very happy with the fresh and elegant design that Art4web created for us. These guys did a terrific job. They handled all the work from early sketches up to a fully-fledged and functional website, in a timely manner and with professionalism. Art4web is the best choice for those who need quality designs and websites for their businesses.

Philippe Rolet - R&D Project Manager

It all began a year ago... by winning a tender for Digimind company. Their quest was to create design and code for project. Our main mission was to change and restructure an already existing system for funding transfers tracking on the Internet. The main goal for us was to make all these data readable for everyone and therefore we decided to use playful and simple style for their user interface. Pretty, colorful and unobtrusive design makes the data very easy to understand. This project took us a whole year to create and now it's time for it to launch. Let us therefore show it off. :-)

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