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Hall of (fame) shame :)

09. August 2012 | Category: Zaujímavé

It has been already ten months that our website sprang into life and we would like to thank you for your support and all the inspiring e-mails you are always sending us. Meanwhile, our website has also been appreciated by our “fellow” colleagues and some of them decided that it is useless to spend their precious time on inventing their own website and they’d rather steal all they can from the ours. Many thanks also to you – our fans – for your “sneak” e-mails on these so-called professionals. Considering the number of stolen designs we decided to write this article – not only for you to enjoy and see to what extent people are able to copy, but also to punish at least a bit such copy-pasters by including them to the following rating in the hall of fame SHAME.

Of course, we are trying to see justice done by other means, too, and we have submitted a DMCA complaint notice regarding most of the copies published here. So... long live originality! :)

After sharing this ripoff removed the background from their site.

Well, here is the new "Self-reporting" case - yes you are reading good :-)
We think how far this insolence will go...

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