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Making a Difference with Web Redesign

20. August 2014 | Category: Aktuality

How this website was born

Once upon the time there was a company that cared both about nature and people. Wait, this is not a fairy-tale. It exists! It’s called Biopak and it inspired us to create the website for them.

Our story begun more than a year and a half ago. We were chosen by these Australian guys to build their new webpage. Few phone calls and few emails later we had a complete picture about their goal. Hurray to work!

What was so inspiring? The magic of Biopak is in their product based on a belief that “Together we can make a difference”. And it works. Imagine how much garbage you produce every day. Now imagine it was all eco-friendly. Huge difference. Just the thought of spreading this idea attracted us. We wanted to belong to that “together”.

Design concept #1

Playful corporate identity and playful people – could it be even better? Our first draft proved to be quite inspirational to our partners in Australia. Our designers created a layout with attractive visual components made to drive interest toward Biopak’s mission, including video and animated interactive infographics. This concept was unfortunately turned down for being a little too distant from their new brand identity. And so our design team went back to work!


Design #2

Next up, our guys at Art4web came up with an all new concept, this time focused on a simple design with heavy concentration on Biopak’s brand guidelines. This was a much bigger success with the Biopak team! The project was then finalized with the design of all subpages.

Even our video animation made it to your eyes so we can celebrate the happy ending. Or a happy beginning? Hopefully. Because when we all start to believe it we really will make a difference.


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