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Making a Difference with Web Redesign

20. August 2014 | Category: Aktuality

How this website was born

Once upon the time there was a company that cared both about nature and people. Wait, this is not a fairy-tale. It exists! It’s called Biopak and it inspired us to create the website for them.

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Koongo Video

02. September 2013 | Category: Aktuality

Something new is already done and we are happy to pronounce it! In the last few weeks we were busy (among the other things :-) ) with creating a presentation video for our client NoStress Commerce and their product Koongo.

Koongo is a Magento plugin that offers you a comprehensive solution for providing product information to various product search websites and price comparison engines from around the world in a very simple way.

Our job was to present this product in a short video as easily understable as possible. That's why we decided to create a character (Michael) and describe his problem and solution. And that solution is Koongo :) Well, no need to say more, just enjoy the video!

By the way, if you are interested in Koongo, you can read more here.

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Lukáš je mladý inovatívny podnikateľ roka 2013!

02. Jún 2013 | Category: Aktuality

Dňa 21.05.2013 sa už po siedmy krát konalo slávnostné vyhlásenie výsledkov celoslovenskej súťaže „Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ. Súťaž Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ 2013 má za cieľ vyzdvihnúť a predstaviť širokej verejnosti mladých kreatívnych, inovatívnych podnikateľov, ktorí sú úspešní vo svojom odvetví podnikania. Zároveň môžu byť žiarivým príkladom pre mladých ľudí, ktorí chcú začať alebo začínajú podnikať.

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Need a NewCompany.Name? (EN)

01. Október 2012 | Category: Aktuality

Do you have a perfect idea for a new business? One of the first things you´ll need is a original and eyecatching name. This is why we created our new service called NewCompany.Name. Select from a large pool of superb ready-made company, product or start-up names or let a pro create an original one exactly to your taste.

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Hall of (fame) shame :)

09. August 2012 | Category: Zaujímavé

It has been already ten months that our website sprang into life and we would like to thank you for your support and all the inspiring e-mails you are always sending us. Meanwhile, our website has also been appreciated by our “fellow” colleagues and some of them decided that it is useless to spend their precious time on inventing their own website and they’d rather steal all they can from the ours. Many thanks also to you – our fans – for your “sneak” e-mails on these so-called professionals. Considering the number of stolen designs we decided to write this article – not only for you to enjoy and see to what extent people are able to copy, but also to punish at least a bit such copy-pasters by including them to the following rating in the hall of fame SHAME.

Of course, we are trying to see justice done by other means, too, and we have submitted a DMCA complaint notice regarding most of the copies published here. So... long live originality! :)

—

Art4web is featured in Web Designer magazine (EN)

22. Apríl 2012 | Category: Art4web

We are so proud to announce that Art4web is in print media again! We described the process of revamping our website in Design Diary for highly-acclaimed magazine Web Designer.

You can buy & read this issue on this link.

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Sladké a voňavé Vianoce

24. December 2011 | Category: Aktuality

Najchrumkavejšia digitálna agentúra Art4web vám praje tie najsladšie a najvoňavejšie Vianoce a šťastný Nový rok 2012!

Ďakujeme za doterajšiu priazeň v roku 2011 a tešíme sa na spoluprácu s vami v novom roku.

Art4web team

—

Ako spraviť webstránku?

15. December 2011 | Category: Design

Veľa ľudí chodí na webstránku Art4web pod hľadaným výrazom "Ako spraviť webstránku". Keďže sme tento týždeň spustili webstránku pre stavebnú spoločnosť BAU cargo, uverejňujeme krátke video, ktoré ukazuje postup tvorby designu tejto webstránky, aby ľudia konečne mohli nájsť aj relevantnú odpoveď na túto otázku :-)

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Čo priniesol redesign

05. December 2011 | Category: Aktuality

Už mesiac máme spustenú web stránku Art4web s novým designom. Chcete vedieť čo priniesol redesign? Zistenia sú pomerne zaujímavé...

—

Tak a už to prasklo!

27. Október 2011 | Category: Art4web

Najvýstižnejším slovom na začiatok bude určite KONEČNE! Nové je vonku a my sa tešíme, že vám ho môžeme aj týmto prvým blogovým zápisom predstaviť. Je to presne rok, čo sme začali redesignovať a prepracovávať našu web stránku. Ako sa hovorí, kováčove deti chodia bosé a obuvníkova kobyla tiež #joke :) My sme na tom neboli inak...

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