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Need a NewCompany.Name? (EN)

01. Október 2012 | Kategória: Aktuality

Do you have a perfect idea for a new business? One of the first things you´ll need is a original and eyecatching name. This is why we created our new service called NewCompany.Name. Select from a large pool of superb ready-made company, product or start-up names or let a pro create an original one exactly to your taste.

We are proud to be co-creators of the new international service called NewCompany.Name. The clever idea to create an easy-to-use website for selling company, product or start-up names comes from our collegue and copywriter Ivica (founder of

Our colleague Ivica provides naming services since 2009. In the creative process there have been created many wonderful names which were not selected by the clients but it would be pity to let them go to waste.

That’s why we created NewCompany.Name

We love this project so much. In Art4web we designed this crispy & tasty website, which also serves as an e-commerce for ready-made names. Via NewCompany.Name you can buy a ready-made company, product or start-up name just by few clicks and start to use it immediately.

All the custom and ready-made names are created by experienced professional copywriters and idea makers mainly from Slovakia.

We hope you will like this project as much as we do. We also wanted you to show New Company Name some love on Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks & enjoy ;)  

Art4web team

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